Founded in 2016 Global Primary Care Consultants, LLC, was created to meet a demand for high quality assistance in the development and improvement of both private, public and academic primary care organizations.

The consultants have had over 30 years of active leadership and consulting for numerous primary health care organizations both in the United States and around the globe and is comprised of health care executives in the fields of health system reform, organization and development, operations, finance, insurance products, marketing and quality accreditation. These are all areas that when appropriately integrated can develop a primary care organization into a regional leader that will deliver an excellent patient experience, high quality of care and the achievement of affordable cost of care.

About Us

Regional offices that will facilitate our readiness to assist you at all times

  • The Americas
  • Eastern Mediterranean 
  • East Asian 

Consultations by international Family Medicine Leaders and Business Executives

Bringing senior level executives to your work allows us to:

  • Perform internal stakeholder interviews with your leadership and members
  • Perform external stakeholder interviews with governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • Perform a thorough financial analysis of your current and future state
  • Rapidly come to an understanding of your needs to present a well defined problem statement
  • Facilitate your transition building your vision
  • Develop a detailed solution-oriented program specific to your organization that will respond to your needs.

Our Solutions will offer structural and functional change

Building Strong Primary Care Organizations

  • Assisting you to create your:

  1. Mission, Vision and Goals 
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Organizational Operations
  6. Policies and procedures
  7. Executive Team

Optimizing Financial Performance

  •  Developing financial proformas to project your future
  • Establishing use of financial management tools

Creating Excellent Family Medicine Center Operations

  • Assisting you to create your:

  1. Clinical Policies and Procedures
  2. Job descriptions
  3. Quality Standards
  4. Workflows
  5. IT Applications

Preparation for Joint Commission International Application

  • Assisting with the development of standards
  • Preparing for an accreditation visit by JCI

Innovative Insurance Products

  • Working with you to negotiate insurance contracts
  • Assisting you in partnering with insurance companies to develop new products

Excellence in Primary Care Education

  • Training the next generation of Family Physicians in and for your organization
  • Training your doctors to be teachers

Integration of Behavioral Health in Primary Care

  • Developing the program of integration in your organization
  • Training of behavioral health specialists

How we can help you

Building Strong Primary Care Organizations



  Primary Care has repeatedly been shown to improve quality of care and reduce the cost of care. Our team can assist you in creating your organization and reaching these goals.  

How we can help you



 The care a patient experiences as a result of a team of primary care and behavioral health clinicians, working together with patients and families, using a systematic and cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population  

Creating Excellent Family Medicine Center Operations


Family Medicine Center must standardize to improve their function and maximize their efficiency. We can assist by working with you in developing policies, procedures, workflows, job descriptions.

Optimizing Financial Performance


We can work with you, using a financial modeling tool to assist you in projecting your expenses and revenues as you build your organization and deploy your Family Medicine Centers

Preparing for International Quality Accreditation


Patients and payers demand high quality of care. We will assist you in writing your quality standards so that you may apply for Joint Commission International Accreditation

Developing innovative insurance products


Payers are used to traditional fee for service models, however, we can work with you and your payers to design innovative payment methodologies that will maximize your revenue.

Excellence in Primary Care Education


Preparing the next generation of Family Doctors in your clinics will provide a pipeline for your future physician staff and perhaps earn revenue by providing educational sites