Digital solutions for patient care and clinic operations

How digital optimization improve your work:

Improved Quality by improving documentation, presenting and managing protocols, tracking and summarizing indicators, alerting providers, helping to track recalls and providing reporting tools for the health care teams and operational team.

Enhanced Revenue by allowing more patient to be seen without working harder or longer, improves collections through management of referral and eligibility data, tracks contracted patient insurance revenues, provides valuable tools to generate research income, and provides for coding optimization.

Reduction in Expense by reducing transcription costs, data analysis costs, paper storage and access costs, staff costs, and paper/forms costs.

Reduction of Risk by improving the quality of documentation, maintaining security and integrity of data, checks for drug interactions, helps to analyze payer relationships, and helps keep documentation and coding in compliance with laws.



Global Primary Care Consultants has worked with TPP-UK in the KIngdom of Saudi Arabia to function as the digital backbone of the Saudi Health Power Care Model.  TPP is a healthcare technology company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software in the UK and internationally. Their philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their own care. Their core product, SystmOne, makes this possible and is used by over 200,000 clinicians across 7,000+ organisations.  TPP’s suite of intuitive and cost effective IT solutions support the provision of truly integrated care: increasing efficiencies, driving innovation and improving patient experience.

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We recommend that you learn more about TTP. Now deployed in the UK, Saudi Arabia and China, it provides a system that can be bilingual, It provides not only an EHR, but an array of capabilities including disease management, chronic care, acute care and organizational financial tools.


The Vietnam Family Medicine Electronic Medical Record

Global Primary Care Consultants has worked with this electronic health record, created by Professor Pham Le An, the Director of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City in deploying Family Medicine organizations. in Vietnam . Professor An first created this EHR in 2007. It has been deployed throughout the University of Ho Chi Minh City Family Medicine Network,  and the Hue University Family Medicine Network. 

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  We recommend that you learn more about this Vietnamese EHR. Now deployed extensively in Ho Chi Minh City, it provides not only an EHR, but an array of capabilities including disease management, chronic care, and acute care.   Contact Professor Pham Le An at